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In 1947 an idea was conceived by Dause Bibby, General Manager of IBM, to establish a workshop modeled after one in Binghamton which would employ the physically handicapped. With the assistance of Stephen Puff, NYS Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and Ben Van Winkler, Executive Secretary of Mid-Hudson Industrial Association, an effort was begun to “establish, maintain, manage and support through public and individual effort and appeal, a place for the employment of persons who are physically handicapped and to provide means, whereby, such people can enter

into gainful employment”.In early 1948, the Kiwanis Club

of Poughkeepsie took over the sponsorship and

solicited $3,500 for the initial operating expenses from

eight manufacturing concerns and individuals,

all of which were repaid.

A Board of Directors was set up and on September 16, 1948, Marion D Coday was hired as Managing Director and the workshop received its Certificate of  Incorporation on September 20,1948. On December 13, 1948 The Mid-Hudson Workshop for the Disabled Inc. opened with two physically handicapped employees.

                                                          With IBM being the largest customer, the workshop                                                                   grew, relocated, purchased the building it currently                                                                            occupies, and expanded with the final addition added in 1985                                                             bringing the total size of the workshop to 52,000 sf of                                                                   manufacturing and warehouse space and employing                                                                    nearly 80 physically and medically handicapped people.

In November 2017 we changed our name to “Mid-Hudson Works”.  For 70 years we have assisted in the growth of many businesses from our facility in the City of Poughkeepsie.  Our new name reflects our continued commitment to provide work for Mid-Hudson Valley disabled veterans and others who meet our mission.

Currently, the Mid-Hudson Works employs 20-25 people serving the needs of a variety of companies through new contracts with Stephen Gould Corp, Stamford Scientific, IBM, and more.

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